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ENERGY ENHANCED - Athletes-Fitness
Gesundeit University

What is Energy Enhanced?

The energy body is more than eating food for energy, and hoping for a good ATP Krebs cycle. And yes training enhances energy production fostering efficient mitochondria, but the energy body is more than biological - it is energy on the sub atomic scale called subtle energy. When this energy is functioning on clear communication pathways the body's chemistry is organized correctly thus building high energy perfectly functioning cells.

The goal is high energy cells -
high energy cells equal a high energy body.

Cells have a measurable voltage, we can judge the vitality of the body by the voltage measurement of a cell. When a cell measures 110mv we know we have a high energy cell functioning at peak energy output. Can you imagine your athletic performance if you are truly operating at peak energy production. So is it possible to achieve the high energy goal with training, a strict diet and supplements alone? NO. Why?

If we lived in a pure environment that was never polluted, and scientists never made hybrid seeds or used genetic engineering to alter seeds, and toxic chemicals were never allowed to be used, and farmers observed known rules for soil preservation, we would not need NUTRILINK or this website. But we all live together on this planet absorbing the pollution into our bodies just as the environment was forced to absorb the contamination.

The contamination is so wide spread that testing for chemicals and heavy metals in the body is always positive, even on the most disciplined athletes. The lowest number of toxins tested in an individual is rising, currently at 100 or more. The highest tested from those who care nothing for their health is over 300 chemicals and or heavy metals. These high levels of toxins circulating in the body combined with low nutritional value of food from sterile soil, and unshielded radiation sources burden the body, corrupt the energy pathways, and ultimately weaken us, thus prohibiting the high energy cells we seek.

NUTRILINK is the only intracellular detox system that is safe and effective. Beginning the process at the sub-atomic level and sweeping the body clean of toxins and heavy metals providing the perfect environment for high energy production of cells. At the same time supplying rich mineral nutrients recognized by cell receptors and utilized fully. While these two process are activated, subtle energy infused into the minerals are clearing blocked communication pathways orchestrating chemistry to take correct instructions from the sub-atomic source of life.

This audio lecture can change and save your life! Please listen:

From Wellness to SuperFitness

NUTRILINK looks at the big picture, the entire process to maintaining health and exceeding wellness in favor of super fitness. Gesundheit Village goes beyond the miracle of purity extending to completeness. A nurturing of the five body's within us; physical, mental, emotional, energy and spiritual. Attention to detail, using logic, observations revealing cause and effect, and the profound desire to heal led us to the discovery of energy medicine. This is your product guide to a pure body full of energy.

Mineral Force and Mag Force
Detox - Purify - Nutrition - Energy - Sleep - Recover

Zeta Force - Zinc Force - Silver - Super Silver
Preserve your beneficial bacteria,
stay strong and prevent illness.

Mineral Force Enhancement
Tinctures targeting very specific regions of the body.

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NUTRILINK Sports Program