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Performace Enhancing Energy from NUTRILINK

Medicine for the Healthy?
Okay, you're already in great shape, you are strong, exercise and your energy level is good. OR you are a high level athlete in competition training intensely looking for that edge. You're certainly not sick! So how can NUTRILINK energy medicine products enhance your life? Four words:

  • Purity
  • Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Energy

From the pure health perspective, you are not sick, but you are also not immune from the toxic environment shared with our patients. Even with a strict organic diet, growing your own food, and water purification, we test toxicity levels of 100 poisons and heavy metals or more in the disciplined body. We all live on a toxic earth retaining a percentage of the tens of thousands poisonous chemicals, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides. Because we have filled our air, land and waters with these toxins, avoidance is impossible. NUTRILINK Purifies by detoxification and rich mineral supplementation enhanced by subtle energy patterns.

As we have seen, cancer can overtake athletes even at top performance levels, like Lance Armstrong. You already understand prevention is always preferable to treatment, waiting for symptoms of disease to develop before acting on your health is a loosing unintelligent strategy. NUTRILINK's prevention program is complete with detoxification, mineral supplementation, and subtle energy patterns (quantum physics) communicating sub-atomic instructions to the molecular chemistry of life.

As a fitness person, you have a much more insightful view of your health. If you are not sick but performance is down, you know there is a reason, most likely a temporary battle with a virus that hasn't surfaced. So you rest and nurture, take a few day off your fitness schedule and build strength to fight off the virus before it takes over, thus avoiding sickness. While rest is an intelligent strategy in the short term of a week, tracking a weakness pattern or declining performance over a decade becomes much more confusing. Aging and performance is a difficult way to judge health. Hundreds or thousands of variables may be introduced into the health equation over the coarse of a decade. Serious illness sometimes begins decades before actual symptoms or diagnosis. A slow chronic toxic poisoning combined with unshielded EMF radiation and low nutrition establishes a foothold for disease. NUTRILINK purifying and nutrient rich products maintain the body in a high energy uncontaminated state throughout your lifetime.

Who do we trust for nutrition? With the worlds retail shelves and internet lined with millions of supplements, which ones are of any use? Nutrition and supplementation is soup at the essence of the health conscience fitness individual. Obviously, foods and supplements are NOT created equal, some are expensive and some are cheap, but price has nothing to do with quality. Even the word quality is misleading, quality has little to do with nutrition either! A supplement may indeed contain high levels of nutrients, proteins or electrolytes, but can your body assimilate a large percentage of the advertised nutrients? In nearly all cases the answer is NO! Why?

Foods grown in sterile soil contain little or zero minerals and vitamins. Supplements using extraction methods that remove the energy (life) of the food are useless. Synthetic or chemically produced vitamins, proteins and minerals are nothing more than dirt. Unless you are an earthworm, you cannot process raw minerals effectively. The life or energy of the food is in the complete compound of the live organism, not just the extracted mineral or vitamin. If the sub-atomic energy is missing from the supplement, so is the information the body needs to assimilate it.

NUTRILINK products stabilize the nutrients at their high energy states and use infused subtle energy patterns in insure the communication receptors of the cells can recognize and assimilate the nutrients. Nutrients are first gathered from a natural botanical rich mineral base under glaciers, containing over 72 trace minerals combined with high levels of the miracle molecule, fulvic acid (up to 42%). The 72 nutrients contained in our products even include naturally occurring minerals extinct from our diets for almost a century. These minerals with the assistance of subtle energy are 100% utilized by your body.

Energy (Subtle Sub-atomic Force)

The energy we refer to is not chemical such as caffeine.Far beyond that, NUTRILINK energy is the sub-atomic force that pulses through all matter, known through the science of quantum physics as subtle energy. A non-electromagnetic force building the chain of elements, molecules, and life's pre-cell chemistry. Subtle energy is the driving force of communication, matter and energy from sub-atomic to cell. The body's chemistry follows the subtle energy instructions orchestrating the beginning of life.

Natural Aging Unaccepted
Athletes have accepted deterioration due to aging as a natural process, it is not! We have also accepted disease as a random or genetic affliction, it is not! As scientists and doctors we understand the simple concept of cause and effect, there is a reason for everything. If you have viewed the slideshows and videos at the help desk, maybe you can begin to realize the overlooked logic behind our science. Can humans be subjected to large dosages of toxins over long periods of time and remain healthy? Some toxins such as mercury and formaldehyde in nearly all immunizations, are injected directly into our circulatory system bypassing the entire digestive system. Can we be constantly bombarded with radiation (electro magnetic fields) and remain healthy? Can our food supply be continually downgraded in nutrition, damaged with genetic engineering, treated with toxins, and we remain healthy? There is a reason for the deterioration of body and performance, surprise, it is not aging. NUTRILINK supplies what a natural diet lacks in today's world, enabling high energy cells. High energy cells equal a high energy body remaining at the top performance levels throughout a lifetime.

Sports Nutrition
What a mouthful, sports nutrition, a multi-billion dollar market, offering performance enhancement, claiming to supply all your high fitness level needs. Success in this market usually derived from advertising dollars and celebrity athlete endorsements. Without 20 plus years experience in sports nutrition, you, alone, cannot possibly navigate the sea of worthless products. There isn't enough time in life to test thousands of products yourself and stumble upon one that actually fills the gaps of your personal nutrition program. NUTRILINK eliminates the guesswork providing performance enhancement far exceeding merely your nutritional requirements.

By purifying the body of toxins, heavy metals and restoring clean communication energy pathways, NUTRILINK begins nutrition with a body capable of accepting 100% of the minerals provided. Far beyond nutrition we recognize the body as five in one; physical, energy, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Any one body can deplete the body of energy, so we care for all five in our methodology here at Gesundheit Village. By accepting the 5+5+5 principles of Gesundheit Village you will begin your journey of super fitness.

  1. Detoxification - from chronic low level poisoning in a toxic environment.
  2. Nutrition - replacing malnutrition from soil sterility and unsound food choices.
  3. Protection - from eleven uncontrolled radiation sources.
  4. Restoration - of blocked sub-atomic communication to cell.
  5. Joy and peace - reducing emotional, mental and spiritual stress.

The recognition of the five body's:

  1. Physical
  2. Energy
  3. Mind
  4. Emotion
  5. Spirit

5 ideas you choose to either destroy or heal your physical structure:

  1. How you eat and drink
  2. How you sleep
  3. How you think
  4. How you breathe
  5. How you move

Please view the remaining three sections for a more detailed explanation of the methodology and products used for super fitness at Gesundheit Village.