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PERFORMANCE - Athletes-Fitness
Gesundeit University

Faster, Stronger, more Endurance
High level competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts, would you like to be rewarded for the hard work and dedication invested? Have you reached a plateau in performance where improvements are negligible? How can you obtain your genetic peak or even know if you reached it? Until you have restored your body to its peak energy production, you will not know the answers to these questions.

Competition is not fair, comparing yourself to another athlete even if you train identically is a measure with a rubber ruler. We all have to live within our genetic potential, currently there isn't any technology available to supply a genetically below average athlete with the power to compete in world standards. There remains a genetic wall that must come down first to place all athletes on a fair and even performance level where the most dedicated and intelligently trained athlete would be victorious. Unfair as it sounds you can train with the same dedication and time investment as any of the top ranked athletes and still be in 200th place behind them. The God given talent prearranged at birth cannot be dismissed. I hope some day we find the answer and all athletes can then compete on a fair and just level.

Obtaining Your Performance Goals
For fitness enthusiasts who are thrilled to see improvements and high level athletes who are short of performance goals, NUTRILINK will provide the extra enhancement to meet these goals. A NUTRILINK program will give an athlete the edge they are searching for and the fitness devote the thrill of improvement. Are you now training with perfect dedication to intensity-recovery, nutrition-supplements, and skill-strength-power-endurance cycles, and not meeting your goals? All athletes are missing items from their performance list eluding success. Those items are purity, nutrition from complete compounds containing the original energy force, and clear energy pathways.

The Measure of Purity
You cannot possibly be at your peak potential when your body is flooded with poisons, radiation and low nutrition. You have handicapped your performance by assuming foods and supplements contain a pre-listed amount of nutrients and your perfect organic diet has kept all poisons from entering your body. And the radiation being used in abundance from 11 different sources have not entered your thin shell of protection.

Purity Assistance
Unfortunately today we need outside help to clear the body of the onslaught of contaminated air, water and land. We need outside help in supplementing nutrition from a food supply grown in sterile soil. And we need shielded protection from our newest enemy, radiation. NUTRILINK provides everything we need to counteract the attack from a hostile environment and restore the body to a healthy balance and high energy. The NUTRILNK system is a powerful but gentle detox ridding the body of poisons and heavy metals, a true supply of active mineral nutrients the body can assimilate 100% and a shield for most radiation sources. Purity is restored to the body thus building high energy producing cells free of burdens.

NUTRILINK Sports Program

Understanding the Un-Pure Burden
Gesundheit Village and energy medicine was first created in response to the low cellular energy of patients. Their body's had been burdened with a low level chronic poisoning, low nutrition, and unacceptable levels of free radiation. Free radiation is the EMF, electromagnetic field radiation from 11 common sources including cell phones. By freeing the body of these burdens we observed recovery of health even in the most dire cases. Now we are offering the athlete the same powerful energy supply restoring cells to the highest energy production thus allowing the body to recovery and grow in strength unhindered by an un-pure body.

The Five Bodies Woven for Strength
We have discussed both biological and the physics dimension of performance enhancement, now we begin the emotional, spiritual and mind body's enhancement. Given, you have employed the NUTRILINK system to supercharge your performance, all is lost if mind, emotion and spirit suffers. While the mental game of sport has received much attention in reducing anxiety, it is the total reduction of stress that polishes the pure seeking athlete to perfection. Achieving the final phase of super fitness requires love. Love for yourself and your ability to forgive and love others. The soul, heart and mind united in a common cause of gratitude, forgiveness, and understanding equaling love. The weight of these body's can only be lifted by release not suppression or tolerance.

The Spirit Recognizes God
Gensundheit Village has already explained the science of God, and how we observe God in science. But it is love that binds spirit and God in one and provides the nearness to our Creator we seek. To reject God is to deny wisdom, the more knowledge learned the closer we find ourselves to Him. With the spirit free from worldly concerns, the heart pure of resentment and the emotions experiencing joy, your performance will take flight.

Pure Products and Instruction
Visit NUTRILINK and Tamara's Healing Garden for more information.

NUTRILINK Sports Program