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Nutrition is More than Nutrients
High levels of fitness demand high levels of nutrients to perform at high levels. Competition demands as close to 100% performance as possible for the appointed day, and fitness requires continued supplies of nutrition for daily workouts and recovery. So the question arises, what steps do we take to insure a complete replenishment of nutrients, and how do we know when we are successful?

Step 1. Eliminating Variables
Before evaluating a nutrition program we are required to purify the body of viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, pathogens, parasites, toxic chemicals and heavy metals. This purification process is necessary for everyone from the most ardent grow-your-own food pedant to the fast food eating I-don't-care attitude extremist . No one is immune from the contaminated air, land, water environment we live in today. Emotional, mental, spiritual stress must be reduced to manageable levels, anger, fear, rejection, hatred, resentment, are just a few negative aspects causing low physical performance. Energy pathways and meridians need to be free of blockage, opening communication pathways from sub-atomic to cell and nervous system routes from mind to muscle. Radiation destruction from eleven uncontrolled sources invade our most private living environment. Shielding ourselves and reducing the amount of radiation absorbed into body is a priority in maintaining healthy cells able to accept nutrients and expel waste.

Step 2. Food and Volume
Your source for food is simple, choose the organic foods closest to the genetic original as possible. Eat fruits, vegetables and nuts raw, all should contain seeds and the seeds eaten. As an example; the original unaltered apple was small in size and slightly bitter with seeds. Eat meat fresh and include organs. Cook without microwaves and prepare food yourself with natural ingredients and spices such as grass fed butter.

Keeping body fat mass under control is also a simple concept; eat nutritionally abundant foods so you don't need to increase bulk (low nutrition value) to make up the difference. If you are gaining unwanted body fat (not weight) you are eating too much. An empty stomach simply means your stomach is empty, your body fat determines weather you need to eat. Please view tincture Weight Loss Activator in controlling hunger.

Sugar diets (isolated sugar removed from fiber) disrupt communication making you dizzy or weak when you drop into the lows. Eat sugar only post workout with the evening meal to control glycemic reactions the next day and during training. Keep simple sugars to an absolute minimum, never depend on sugar for energy or use it to boost energy. Your long term energy source is always fat, train your body to use it. Don't use the roller coaster effect of sugar replenishment during training, using sugar as an instant energy source causes extreme variations in performance and hunger cravings. Sugar removed from the natural fiber and accompanied compound chemistry is unnatural, confusing digestion processes. One could easily eat the whole sugar cane plant without the adverse effects of extracted sugar.

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Step 3. Supplement Standards
What does it mean when you read the list of nutrients and performance enhancing promises on a label of supplements? Answer: Absolutely nothing! Upon scientific spectroscopy examination of a supplement it may indeed contain all the nutrients listed, but are these identifiable as minerals, vitamins and protein at the cellular receptor level? NO.

When extracting nutrients from food or synthetically reproducing them, the compound chemistry and energy is eliminated or non-existent. This isolation process assumes we do not need the other constituents of the source. Also the separation process uses heat or chemicals destroying nutrient values in the process. Cold processing remains destructive because of isolation and energy damage. The compound chemistry along with the preserved and stabilized energy (subtle sub-nuclear energy) must be present for assimilation by the cell to occur.

When analyzing energy volume of a supplement a dark field examination is necessary. Please watch the video on Zeta Force to find out more about somatids and the dance of life. With energy present, minerals from a natural source containing the original complete complex chemistry are identified by cell receptors and welcomed through the cell membrane enabling complete assimilation. This energy, (subtle energy) contains information instructing elements at the atomic level, (breaks and bonds of electrons) forming the first pre-DNA chemistry of life.

Dark Field and Identification of Energy

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