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The Science in Energy Medicine

A New Science of Logic and Quantum Physics
Understanding the science behind Gesundheit Village begins by introducing a logic examining cause and effect of disease. Once cause is understood, treatment is targeted at the source of disease and by empowering your body to function at its peak prevention state, or high cellular energy state. This prevention state perfects communication necessary in constructing high energy cells preparing a habitat prohibiting disease to develop.

Through prevention is nearly 100% effective, the powerful treatments are also utilized once disease has progressed. Delay in beginning treatments impedes success of recovery. Many patients wait until all hope from western medicine is gone, then in desperation seek us out for treatment. Restoring a body to health from the depleted, low energy state left over from medication, surgery and radiation is difficult with a success rate of 50%. The success rate of disease treatment is why we are so passionate about prevention. This website teaching the methods preventing disease is of the utmost importance to restoring the health of nearly everyone in our country.

Much of Gesundheit Village energy medicine is centered around correcting and preserving the sub-atomic to cell pathway. Because this pathway can be disrupted at the emotional and spiritual levels we also employ heart healing and spiritual guidance to complete the healing process. This is the five body's we speak of throughout our websites.

The Science of God
With the exception of physiology and religion, the science of emotion and spirit has not been an accepted part of healing. Through scientific observation and the effects of emotion and spirit we recognize their existence in the healing process. Low cellular energy states can be caused by or exasperated by depression and sense of worthlessness. God teaches us we are unique and important, and our limitations are self imposed through what we believe. A belief in God relieves stress of this world and the daily disasters reported with agenda. Those who recognize the soul and our Creator find joy in life in the midst of chaos. We just love and keep loving as our greatest purpose, and allow God to have the control He has always had.

Many ask for scientific evidence for God, a very heated debate has developed over the years, but you will not find the evidence reported hear anywhere in the news. It is a simple question or choice, did the universe create itself or was it created for us? The beginning is founded in belief, do you believe nothing exploded transforming all matter into existence, or God created the universe in 6 days. Scientific evidence points to God.

Here are just a few of a hundred repeatable, verifiable and agreed upon scientific facts proving the earth cannot be more than 20,000 years old. Without extreme age (billions of years), evolution and the molten beginnings of earth in the primodial soup is not possible.

The science of energy medicine is one of practicality and logic. The paradigm shift in healing from biological medicine to energy medicine steps into reality by utilizing the products and methodologies introduced here in Gesundheit Village.

The methods and products introduced above in the slideshows and video are your beginning, but for professionals and advanced students of healing, the next following science pages go into greater detail illustrating the process behind Gesundheit Village success.

Subtle Energy , the sub-atomic force is the beginning of energy medicine, understanding the pathway from sub-atomic to cell will invite and answer questions of pre-cell molecular construction. Biological science does not question the construction instructions of pre-cell components, the amino acid building blocks of the proteins, the breaking and bonding of electrons to form the first molecules of life. The book Chemical Predestination attempted to explain the chemistry communication pathway, but after published the author found his own theory unsound and rejected it. The author and scientist struggled to prove communication at the biological level, but failed because subtle energy was not included. Subtle energy, Quantum physics, is difficult to understand from a biological perspective because we are observing the rules of an alternate dimension (a 5th dimension). So as you file through the next science pages, try and clear your mind of preconceptions and become the wide-eyed child searching for new treasures, innocence will lead you.

Energy Medicine combines nutrition, supplementation from a living source, and caring for the communication pathway between molecular chemistry and the cell. It is the merger of biology and quantum physics managing the health of a cell. Once cells are restored to a high energy state (measured at 110m.v.) healing is complete. We stress the importance of cellular health by caring for the cell starting from the sub-atomic level. From a fundamental consideration, when a cell is receiving proper nutrients and expelling waste, and therefore maintaining a peak energy state, the cell is impervious to disease and infection. Problems arise when chronic low level toxic poisoning, emotional and spiritual stress, low nutrition component assimilation, and EMF radiation all combine together weakening every cell and opening the door to disease.

The methodology of Gesundheit Village is a to close the door to disease by strengthening cells through preventative medicines and lifestyle changes. Our methods of treatments combine caring for the five body's, treatment with energy medicine products, nutrition, and supplementation from true energy sources that display the somatids light of life. Combining all the products and methods into a powerful maintenance and healing treatment. We live and die at the cellular level; by clearing the pathway of communication between sub-atomic and cell, providing the cell with all nutritional requirements, aiding the cell in eliminating toxins and creating and environment inhospitable to bacteria and viruses, we succeed in nurturing healthy high energy cells. Healthy cells equal a healthy body.

Please continue your study of medicine science by navigating the remaining pages; subtle energy, energy medicine and methodology.

Verifiable facts tested and repeated by scientists.

  1. The granites or foundational rock of the earth could never been molten liquid. When granite is melted and cooled aurolite is the result, a new crystalized mineral is formed and the original granite structure is never formed again. Also a radiation element existing in all granites has a decay rate of just a few minutes, this record would not be visable if the granites were in a liquid state for even one day.
  2. The earths revolution is slowing at a rate of about 1 second every 1000 days. We have a leap second every 1000 days. If you go back millions of years it would be impossible for dinosaurs to have lived, the earth would be rotating so fast that life could not exist.
  3. The moons orbit is sprialing away from the earth, it is not at a fixed distance, the moon is moving away from the earth at a verifiable rate. Millions of years ago the moon would be so close to the earth that life would not be possible.
  4. The Sun is shrinking in size at a rate of about 3 feet per hour. As the fuel is burned the sun gets smaller a verifiable fact. Only a few million years ago the sun would be so large life on earth would not be impossible.
  5. The magnetic field of the earth is dimishing, the field fluctuates a little, but if you graph it out the weakening is definite. Millions of years ago the field would have been so strong, life on earth could not exist.
  6. Comets have a lifespan of about 20,000 years. A comet looses ice mass every time is passes close to the sun. Since we still have comets, the earth cannot be older than 20,000 years.
  7. Dinosaur flesh has been discovered in a non-fossilized state. Organic compounds cannot survive 65 million years.
  8. The Sahara desert grows in what is called desertification with prevailing winds. The desert is estimated at 4000 years old, why don't we have a larger desert if the earth is billions of years old.
  9. The ocean is becoming saltier, it is not constant and is at 3.6% today, after just a few million years the ocean would be so saline that life could not survive in the ocean. The ocean after billlions of years would be nearly all salt. Only 5000 years is necessary to change the ocean from fresh to present day salt content.
  10. The rock layers scientists are using as age indicators have trees running through many of these of layers, if these layers are millions of years old, then the trees must be older than a single layer thus surviving for milions of years through all the layers.
  11. The Mississippi River is depositing huge amounts of sediments into the Gulf of Mexico, if the earth was even a few million years old the gulf would be completely full of sediment.
  12. The Great Barrier Reef off of Australia is estimated at 4000 years old, if the earth is billions of years old, why don't we have a larger reef somewhere?
  13. Niagra Falls is eroding at a measurable rate, if the earth was just a few million years old the falls would not exist, the erosion would have set it back to Lake Erie
  14. There is a super nova about every 30 years, if the earth is billions of years old there aren't nearly enough super nova in the universe. We should see them everywhere.
  15. The earth is eroding from rain, snow and glaciers, it is estimated the earth will erode flat in 5 million years. If the earth is billions of years old, why isn't it flat? according to big bang it rained on the rocks for millions of years until the soup formed.
  16. Coal and oil don't need millions of years to form. Coal and oil have been formed in the laboratory in a few months, all that is necessary is water and heat similar to subterranean conditions.
  17. The pressure of rock pressing down on oil pockets is so great that the oil could not be contained for more than a few thousand years, yet we still have oil undergrond.

These facts are not in our children's textbooks or in the news, these facts provide the limiting factor in the age of the earth. The facts tell us that the earth cannot be older than 20,000 years which makes the big bang theory just a story. All attempts have been made to observe accelerated evolution without success. So we are left to believe a story about the beginning of the earth, one without any supporting facts. Or we can believe the 6 day creation and worldwide flood reported in the Torah (old testament). Since the universe is a perfect mathematical design, and the time clocks of science indicate a earth as young as 6000 years, there is overwhelming evidence of creation and so a Creator.