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SUBTLE ENERGY - Science Detail
The Science in Energy Medicine

Subtle Subatomic Energy Science (SSES)
Trademarked as Vital Force Technology

Vital Force Technology is a quantum field technology that derives its power from Russian radiophysicist and inventor Dr. Yury Kronn's discoveries in the newly emerging science of subtle subatomic energy (SSSE).

Observations in different branches of modern science have allowed us to conclude that there is a fundamental energy force that penetrates, supports and organizes all Life. Indeed, it is essential for the maintenance of Life. This energy force appears in the subatomic realm where subatomic particles originate. Although it cannot be directly measured, its effects can be measured. And, because the force is not directly measurable, we call it subtle subatomic energy (SSE). In the same way that 20th Century science has harnessed electromagnetic energy and applied it countless ways, 21st Century science has begun investigating subtle energy, looking for ways to apply it to current challenges. Having a truly pioneering scientific attitude and decades of experience in cutting-edge quantum physics research, Dr. Kronn began researching connections between subtle energy and the electromagnetic field in the early 1980s. His profound insights and bold, inventive genius led him into rigorous scientific investigation, the development of Vital Force Technology, and a hunt for practical, cost-effective ways to apply subtle subatomic energy (SSE) to meet environmental, agricultural, and human health challenges.

Dr. Davis, D.C., CTN and Yury Kronn, Ph.D are a team who innovated utilizing energy medicine for health and healing. For the first time in history, quantum physics, detoxification, and nutrition are combined to form the first energy medicine company called NUTRILINK. Dr. Davis and Dr. Kronn continue to develop the exciting new world of energy mediine today by introducing new products and treatments reflecting the need of his patients.

Subtle Energy and Energy Products
In essence, subtle energy is the sub-atomic vital force that pulses through all matter. It is non-electromagnetic in nature and falls outside standard electromagnetic field measurements, although the effect of subtle energy on matter has been measured. Studies conducted at the University of California have measured significant changes in brain stimulation using MRI analysis after subtle energy infused essential oils were applied to specific acupuncture points. Other studies have shown significantly improved seed germination and plant growth when using subtle energy enhanced water. Human studies using Heart Rate Variable testing have shown normalization and balancing of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems in patients orally dosed with subtle energy infused minerals. Many of these patients experience normalization within minutes!

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Subtle Energy Successful Proven at the RF Exposure Lab in San Diego, CA with the SAR tester ALSAS10U. The results are amazing. "In all three cases, the reduction of EM energy under the influence of Subtle Energy infused objects is very significant." The testing personnel were in wonderment and questioned, "where did the radiation go?" The EMF pollution was NOT absorbed or reflected by the infused objects as predicted by the examining technicians, but was transferred to another dimension, a dimension discovered five millennia ago called Chi, now known as Subtle Energy

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The Subtle Energy Infusing Process
The infusing process can enhance the properties of a substance and increase its power, it can make it work faster and stronger, or reduce the amount of substance needed to achieve the desired effect or the time it takes to work! We chose to infuse the minerals in our products with subtle energy frequencies, these highly specific frequencies emulate the correct communication pathway for the desired result of the medicine. Though the ingredients in our products are the same, the infusion of subtle energy programs the minerals to communicate the correct information to the chemistry of the cells.

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