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ENERGY MEDICINE - Science Detail
NUTRILINK is the Science of Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Science
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Nutrilink Product Energy Medicine Science
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Nutrilink products are the embodiment of energy medicine. The culmination of decades of experience and knowledge to form the first energy medicines. The following is a list of seven products and detailed papers associated with each.

1.) Mineral Force Daytime Energy and Detox
READ - Mineral Force, two page report

  • Structured purified water
  • 72 trace elements
  • Fulvic acid 40% by volume
  • Zeolite structured silica
  • 25 subtle energy (subatomic) patterns for energy enhancement
2.) Mag Force Nighttime Healing and Detox
READ - Mag Force, two page report
  • Structured purified water
  • Ionic magnesium 20-25 ppm
  • 8 subtle energy (subatomic) patterns for energy enhancement
Detoxification takes free hydrogen, oxygen, magnesium, fulvic acid, Zeolite and energy to get the job done.
  • Energy is defined as the capacity to do work and overcome resistance. Mineral Force and Mag Force were created to do just this.
  • Water. Most water is approximately 84 degrees, ours is 104. This makes water, free hydrogen and oxygen available to every cell.
  • 72 Elements. Each element turns on metabolic enzymes to help the body help itself.
  • Fulvic Acid. Fulvic acid is the end of organic decay and the beginning of new life. Science has proven that it increases energy, is an anti-oxidant, chelates heavy metals, neutralizes all toxins, improves transportation of nutrients across cell membranes, increases metabolism of the cells, helps in DNA synthesis, restores electrochemical balance in the cell, increases enzyme activity in cells, repairs the immune system, and neutralizes hostile energies, even radiation! In fact, fulvic acid is so powerful it was used to clean up the Cernobal radiation disaster.
  • Zeolite. Zeolite removes heavy metals, toxins, poisons, sulfides and nitrates. Zeolite restores PH balance and will neutralize cancer at the epithelial level, where most cancers start. A patent exists on the cancer effects.

3.) Zinc Force - Plus
Zinc Force Plus is a truly unique blend of water soluble minerals: Zinc (50 ppm), Manganese (25 ppm), Gold (25 ppm), coupled with specific subtle energies to enhance and charge the immune and repair systems. Typical use: 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp daily. (16 oz. liquid)

4.) Zeta Force - The Ultra Biotic Solution
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For many individuals, achieving optimum health is an elusive goal. Progress can be especially difficult for those who suffer from acute or chronic health problems. NutriLink is pleased to introduce Zeta Force, a powerful ally in helping you accomplish your health objectives. Zeta Force is formulated with a proprietary blend of botanically derived organic compounds which serve as a natural preservative and ultra biotic. Zeta Force provides nutritional support by supplying essential plant based minerals with the added benefits of fulvic acid. Zeta force is energy infused using subtle energy technology to turn on the body's energy system! Liberate Your Immune System Zeta force is infused with Zeolite mineral complex for enhanced detoxification. Although we are generally unaware of it, we are under assault from hostile forces every day. Our natural defenses are continually challenged by viral, bacterial and fungal infections - even parasites found in air, food and water!

5.) Silver and Super Silver
READ - Ionic Super Silver, two page report
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The discovery and development of antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections must be regarded as one of the most significant medical achievements of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, as we enter the new millennium many of our existing antibacterial agents are under threat from the widespread emergence of bacterial resistance. Furthermore, the pace of emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has outstripped the discovery of new antibiotics. New agents are therefore urgently needed to counter the threats posed by antibiotic-resistant organisms."- Ian Chopra Infectious disease has been, and continues to be, man's mortal enemy. The use of silver solutions has become a popular alternative to antibiotics. Read a comprehensive overview of the therapeutic uses of silver.

6.) Enhancing Tinctures
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Tinctures for Specific Enhancement of Mineral Force. NUTRILINK tinctures provide an additional supply of energy to very specific regions.

7.) Negative Energy Shields
READ - Microwave Radiation Reduction Report

The Energy Shield significantly reduces the harmful effects of radiation through Subtle Energy infused objects. These objects are infused with energy patterns that neutralize a remarkable amount of dirty energy, shielding you from damaging radiation effects.

Proven at the RF Exposure Lab in San Diego, CA with the SAR tester ALSAS10U. The results are amazing. In all three cases, the reduction of EM energy under the influence of Subtle Energy infused objects is very significant.

The testing personnel were in wonderment and questioned, "where did the radiation go?" The EMF pollution was NOT absorbed or reflected by the infused objects as predicted by the examining technicians, but was transferred to another dimension, the 5th dimension discovered five millennia ago called Chi, now known as Subtle Energy.