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A personal guide to specific health problems.

Treating the Cause and the Five Body's

At this point, I trust you have viewed all the slideshows and video's and have read the web pages of self help, and hopefully toured the websites which make up the Gesundheit Village Healing Center. You must realize by now Gesundeit Village's focus is on energy medicine, acceptance of the five body's of healing, and diagnosis of cause is a one-of-a-kind approach to disease. The paradigm shift from biology to energy medicine we have talked of, is an all new approach to healing that has the brightest future for a healthy America.

Treating cause instead of disease is a concept you may not understand. When cancer is diagnosed, should we be focused on the eradication of the cancer by surgically removing, drug poisoning, or radiation to burn it out? Or should we be restoring the body to a powerful, high energy, stress reduced state. One might say both, fear of this disease would promote one to try anything.

If the FIVE CAUSES OF DISEASE we report is true, then your physical body becomes too weak at some point to fight pathogens. Distorted communication pathways of your energy body cause cells to function in erratic unfamiliar fashion. High stress levels further degrade an already weak energy level to a disease causing low voltage. A downward spiral of health finally becomes evident as this process accelerates to the disease state.

The most important decision of you life is upon you, further weaken the body with surgery, radiation and drugs, or strengthen the body with detoxification, nutrition, supplements and radiation protection. NUTRILINK Energy Medicine restores cells to their high energy communicating powerhouses where nutrition in and waste out is working at a high efficient level.

Disease is not genetic, we DO pass genetic weaknesses from generation to generation, these weakness surface when cell energy reaches low levels. By following Gesundheit Village principles you will maintain high energy cell function never allowing the disease to surface. Did you ever question why some in the family did not contract the disease and others did? Anyone living at a healthy high energy state prevents illness from surfacing. Unfortunately today we live in a world where the body needs assistance in eliminating the large amount of contamination from the environment. NUTRILINK provides everything needed in counteracting the invasion by supplying the body with the help it needs to heal itself.

What about the little ones? How is it children are born with disease? If you have understood our principles, then you already know. The mother today stores 200 to 300 toxins in her body, all these cannot be filtered out before reaching the fetus. Add to this immunizations that contain mercury and formaldehyde given at birth, plus the amount of radiation absorbed that the mother cannot shield and you have the answer. Children are especially susceptible to microwave radiation from cell phones, by using an unshielded phone these children are handicapping their brains at a young age.

Obviously returning the body to high energy state before allowing disease to surface, other wise known as prevention, is a much more successful treatment. After disease becomes known, the return to health will be longer and at a 50% success rate. This is why we created Gesundheit Village, to voice a better way of preventing disease, to advocate our passion of Energy Medicine and to save America from the enormous effort in fighting disease.

We have discovered the way to live life with little chance of disease and to bring some back from near death to vibrant living. This is why at Gesundheit Village we are determined to spread the word by offering free classes at our Gesundheit University. These classes are tightly packed with a wealth of information you can practice immediately. Also the websites are filled with articles, videos and audio lectures so you can learn online how to live healthy in our unhealthy world.

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Specific Treatments and Remedies

Protection From a Toxic Environment
Mineral Force and Mag Force are the core products of Nutrilink composing the first line of defense against toxins, radiation and blocked cellular communication at the sub-atomic level. We begin everyone on Mineral and Mag Force to provide detoxification, nutrition, radiation protection and cleared energy pathways for improved chemistry of life. This is truly the first giant leap into Energy Medicine.

Protection From Bacterial Infections and Viruses
Unfortunately, antibiotics destroy beneficial as well as pathogenic organisms. An ultra biotic offers a nontoxic alternative, targeting pathogens while leaving beneficial microorganisms intact. The ultra biotic of Nutrilink's Zeta Force is your alternative to anti-biotics. Silver has a long history of use, with a special emphasis on its germicidal and antibacterial properties. In recent studies, even more extensive benefits and specialized uses have been discovered for this amazing mineral. Nutrilink's Siver and Super Silver are even more enhanced with subtle energy.

Specific Tinctures Enhancing Mineral and Mag Force
Tinctures highly specific targeting common ailments such as; men's and women's reproductive health, heart health (physical and emotional), weight loss, calming excitability, restoring loss brain functions, blood sugar regulation, chronic fatigue, and many many more.

Protection from Radiation
Next we provide additional radiation protection through cell phone shields, router shields, infused bottled protection that can be misted or sprayed into a room, and protection you can wear in the from of crystal jewelry or placed in front of computers.

Stress Reduction
Mentally, emotionally and spiritually at peace, how is this possible? There are many techniques available, through our resident Gesundeit Village therapist, Tamara Joy Patterson, she will instruct you how to find peace and relieve stress in this stressful world. Tamara is a highly educated master of heart healing with decades of experience of counseling and instruction. Guiding you with enhanced yoga of her own design, Tamara leads you to releasing stress and instilling peace. Today Tamara uses her website to inform and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy peace with her own video creations.

Mineral Force provides the trace minerals necessary for human life. Some of the minerals provided are no longer found in any foods available today, making Mineral Force the only source for these minerals. Minerals are necessary for vitamins to function, we first need minerals or vitamins are useless. These minerals contain the energy needed to be recognized by cells and assimilated completely.

Nutrition extends to your own choices in foods. Food choices do not have to be complicated. Choose foods closest to the way God created them, choose:

  • The most genetically unaltered, seeds belong in food and should be included.
  • Raw unprepared, unpackaged, not frozen and canned. Buy your meat, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, uncooked. Allocate the extra fifteen minutes to cook your own food.
  • Choose organic as much as you can afford. Thick skinned fruits and vegetables are the least contaminated, such as bananas or broccoli so you can save money with non-organic purchases. Apples, peaches and other thin skinned fruits and vegetables should always be organic.
  • Eat vegetables and fruit raw as much as possible.
  • Do not cook food in a microwave.
This type of food shopping and preparation does not take any longer if time management is employed. Most cooking does not require your presence more than 10%, set a timer and go do something productive while cooking. Shopping for good food becomes extremely easy in a short time, your time in the store should not be more than 25% more in the beginning. Once you know the good food, shopping is quick and simple, because there are very few packaged good food choices.