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What is Energy Medicine?
Energy is a loose term being thrown around in the media. The common cure is your local coffee shop or bottled concentrated high doses of caffeine. The Energy Medicine of Gesundheit Village is accurately termed through quantum physics as subtle energy. Energy Medicine emphasizes the importance of correcting low energy states and balancing energy in promoting health. In essence, energy medicine adheres to the principle that the body's chemistry follows the energy.

It is important to understand subtle energy is not only energy but a carrier of information. Did you ever wonder where the information originates to create the chemistry of life, in essence what force is responsible for creating DNA? Long before DNA is the chemistry of amino acids, then the molecules that assemble to construct amino acids, then the atoms that break and bond to create the molecules, then the sub atomic particles determining the number of protons, neutrons and electrons an element contains.

Subtle energy originates at the sub atomic level communicating the chain of information necessary for life to exist. It is life itself, orchestrating the events to perform the first functions in creating life. Did you ever question how a cell is constructed before DNA. We all know DNA is an information storehouse, but the DNA molecule needed constructed first from another form of information, that form is subtle energy. The basis of energy medicine quantum physics science begins here.

High energy cells are healthy cells.
Healthy cells = a healthy body.

Cells have a measurable voltage, a healthy cell measures 110mv. When cells are in a low energy state illness surfaces. To correct a low energy state subtle energy is used to clear block pathways of communication. By introducing the corrected communication, reducing toxic burdens through detoxification of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, providing a rich source of minerals, reducing radiation sources, and relieving stress, the cell begins to return to its intended energy level.

Mineral Force and Mag Force are the first Energy Medicine products available in history that correct low energy cells through detoxification, subtle energy, nutrition and radiation protection. Dr. Steven Davis, D.C., CTN with the help of physicist Yury Kronn, Ph. D. developed these first two energy products that comprise the core of his company, NUTRILINK. Since the development of Mineral and Mag Force years ago, an entire line of all natural energy medicine products from infection and virus treatment to tinctures targeting specific ailments as well as radiation protection devices have become available for anyone to use.

NUTRILINK is the force behind the paradigm shift from biological medicine to Energy Medicine. Quantum physics and nutrition are leading patients fighting disease, viruses and infections to a new promise land with hope for our futures. While conventional medicine works miracles in trauma patients, the same treatment of surgery, radiation and drugs on disease is not nearly as successful. We envision a future where Energy Medicine and Western Medicine work side by side healing and curing.

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