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Beyond the Physical
You may not think of your emotions, spirit, mind and energy as a body, but beyond the physical we exist in these body's, further, these non-corporeal intricate body's are interwoven in us controlling healing in a negative or positive way. Patch Adams the doctor / clown who used laughter to help accelerate patients healing, believed one could not separate the physical from the emotion, that they are as connected as your right arm to your shoulder. It is his inspiration of healing beyond the body that led us to name Gesundheit Village in his honor. Though we use very different methodologies in treatment of disease, the idea of "more than a body" is well ingrained in our healing practice.

The five body's of healing are:

  • Physical Body
  • Bio Electrical / Energy Body
  • Emotional Body
  • Mind / Mental Body
  • Spiritual Body

There is a photographable field surrounding you that changes color according to your emotional, mental, state, a magnetic field also exists outside the physical boundaries. More than this the spiritual body joins with the world in creating a magnetic field or aura around the entire earth. When the 911 attack occurred this magnetic field shifted dramatically. Yes we are certainly more than physical beings, at Gesundheit Village we identify the body which is causing health issues and treat it along side the physical.

At Gesundheit Village treating the energy, mind, emotion, and spirit is an important as treating the physical. Each work together or against each other, we choose to include all five body's in treatment enhancing and accelerating your road to health.

For those in need of physical and energy help Nutrilink is your first ally in maintaining health and defeating illness.

For those who are emotionally, spiritually or mentally ill or heartsick, Tamara's Healing Garden is your first stop to restore a healthy state of heart.

Physical Body + Energy Body
Conventional science (biological medicine) identifies the disease as the problem focusing all resources on ridding the symptom of the disease from the body. Alternatively we identify cause, we ask, why did this disease surface, there must be a reason and not a random invasion. We discovered most disease is caused by five factors:

  1. Chronic low level poisoning from a toxic environment
  2. Chaotic energy communicating with the chemistry of life
  3. Low nutrition from sterile farm soils and bad food choices
  4. Unprotected radiation from 11 sources
  5. Stress including emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Mineral/Mag Force
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These five factors cause a low level of cellular energy where the cell cannot function as intended allowing disease to surface. By starting treatment with Mineral and Mag Force, the low state of cellular energy is corrected by detoxification and nutrition (physical body). Then, radiation protection and re-established strong communication between sub atomic, chemistry and cell (energy body). Our goal is a healthy cell where nutrition is flowing in and waste out creating an environment for efficient high energy production. Once a cell returns to its intended high energy state (110mv) the body heals itself.

Emotional + Mental + Spiritual Body
Just as we found caring for the cell created healthy body's, it is caring for the heart that generates healthy mind, emotions and spirits. In our busy lives stress has become an enemy we have lived with for so long, we no longer notice the ill effects. We accept the consequences of an undernourished heart such as sleeplessness, rage, divorce, child abuse, verbal and physical abuse, exhaustion, drug abuse, and much more. We stack goals upon goals with little value for peace, shattering happiness in favor of house, car and money.

Tamara Joy Patterson has devoted her life to her family and helping the heart sick acquire wellness though peace of heart, mind and soul. Tamara is our Gesundheit Village representative for heart healing by offering videos and a website committed to health restoration and peace.

For more video's like this one visit Tamara's webiste.