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Discover the Future Today

Where to Begin?
Above are four slide shows and four video's, to begin understanding Gesundheit Village principles and methods of healing, please watch all eight presentations. The slide shows are about one minute each and the video's; video1 is 8 minutes, video2 is 45 minutes, video3 is 27 minutes, video4 is 30 minutes. These eight presentations are an important hour and half introduction to unraveling the mystery of why disease surfaces and how to prevent and treat disease.

The remainder of the navigation buttons above will send you on a journey of discovery with rich multimedia content of text, audio and video. Be sure to also visit the Gesundheit Village Science Detail house for a comprehensive report on Energy Medicine and five body healing.

Dr. Steven Davis, D.C., CTN is the father (Mayor) of Gesundheit Village. It is Dr. Davis's brainchild to create this website to inform and introduce the future of medicine being used today.

Dr. Davis, D.C., CTN and Yury Kronn Ph.D are the innovators of energy medicine. For the first time in history, quantum physics, detoxification and nutrition are combined to form the first Energy Medicine power house company, called NUTRILINK. To find out more about Dr. Davis please visit the SEE THE DOCTOR house on the main home page.

Visit the websites, Gesundheit Clinic to know more about Dr. Davis. Nutrilink THE Energy Mediine and Tamaras Healing Garden for heart healing.

Why is Gesundheit Village Unique?
There are four monumental differences between this website and all the other health promoting websites in the world. These four disparities separate Gesundheit Village and place an entire universe of thought and logic between our methods of treating disease and the rest of the worlds.

  1. We recognize the five body's within you in treating and preventing illness.
    • Physical
    • Metal
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual
    • Energy

  2. We identify disease as a symptom, not the cause. We have established five main reasons for disease.
    • Chronic low level poisoning.
    • Malnutrition from soil sterility and unsound food choices.
    • Eleven uncontrolled radiation sources.
    • Blocked communication from sub-atomic to chemistry to cell.
    • Stress: emotional - mental - spiritual.

  3. Within the five body's is an energy body that communicates at a sub-atomic level with chemistry and cellular function.

  4. Once energy is acknowledged through the science of quantum physics, bottled supplements and natural medicines without the original energy of the host are useless to the body. Bottled minerals without energy are nothing more than dirt to the body and need extra effort to be removed. Unless you are an earthworm, you cannot assimilate minerals efficiently without the original energy of the host being preserved. The cells need the communication through energy for the receptors to identify the mineral it seeks.